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Vision and Mission


Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, & Brand Value for our customers, Shareholders, Employees and Associates.


We shall make all our efforts to lead as a benchmark real estate group, creating environment friendly human habitation projects in line with customer needs. Good Business Practices, Quality Practices, Quality Products, Integrity, Customer and Product Value, shall guide our vision towards building a great institution.


It was the pioneering spirit of our founder that enabled the Agarwal Associates Group, build a reputation in the industry as a forward thinking company, always ready to push the bill and tip the scales in its favor by banking big on technology and innovation. After 33 years in the industry, our new mission statement is to build upon our reputation by constantly exploring uncharted territories and being the first to develop and use innovative systems and improved processes to optimize productivity and add value to all our projects.

we wish to provide shelter for all segments of people.